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Bring your TripAdvisor reviews to your website

In a recent post, we talked about how widgets can help you easily bring TripAdvisor content to your own website. Now let’s look at one of our most popular groups of widgets: the “Display your ratings and reviews” category.

Why are these so popular? “Display your ratings and reviews” widgets show travelers the ratings and reviews you’ve collected on TripAdvisor, giving them the fresh feedback they want to see before they book. They’re also free to download, update automatically with the latest content and offer a wide variety of configurations and sizes that work for all types of websites.

Let’s check out some of the “Display your ratings and reviews” widgets:

  • Review Snippets – Our most popular review widget. It displays your TripAdvisor rating, ranking and snippets from recent reviews.
  • Featured, Rated and Recommended On TripAdvisor – Popular with businesses that want to show off TripAdvisor content in a small space, this widget links travelers to your TripAdvisor property page. The quantity and quality of your reviews will determine if your property receives the “Featured”, “Rated” or “Recommended” version of this widget.

  • Bravo! –  This widget provides an ongoing count of your “Excellent” TripAdvisor ratings.

  • Rave Review – A compact widget that features a scrolling showcase of your most recent “Excellent” review.

Want to learn more about installing “Display your ratings and review” widgets on your website? Visit to download yours today and use these instructions to install it.

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