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A-Z Tips for Making the Most of your TripAdvisor Listing

We have put together some tips to help you maximize your TripAdvisor presence. If you have an idea for a tip that you don’t see here, leave us a comment below, and help us build out our tip library!

Changing your listing category to hotel
While TripAdvisor has specific criteria for what services and facilities are required for a property to be listed as a hotel, we do accept local certification. So, if your property doesn’t meet our criteria but is licensed specifically as a hotel by either the local tourism or governmental officials, you can fax or e-mail us a copy of the license (Fax in the USA: 1-617-670-6306) and we will recognize your property as a hotel.

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Correcting your property’s location on the map
The easiest way of correcting your property’s location is to give us the exact latitude & longitude decimal coordinates of your property. To do this go to

  • Use your mouse to zoom to your property’s location on the map.
  • Zoom in as far as the map will allow.
  • Right click on the location of your property.
  • Select “What’s Here?”
  • Your coordinates will appear in the “Search Maps” box above. (An example is 45.498681, 10.943272)
  • Copy and paste those coordinates into a word document so you have them to hand.

Then go to the ‘Manage your page’ tab in your Management Center and follow these steps:

  • Click on the ‘Change property location’ link.
  • Fill in your property’s correct details.
  • Put your property’s latitude & longitude decimal coordinates in the comments box.
  • Click ‘Submit.’

It may take a few days for your position to be corrected.

Disputing reviews
When disputing a review, first carefully read the Review guidelines and identify which ones have not been adhered to in the review. Include these in the comments box on the ‘report problem with a review’ form, but please be concise as the comments box is limited to 200 characters.

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It can take a while to investigate a review dispute so it is a good idea to respond to the review immediately with a management response. If TripAdvisor determines that the review should be removed, the Management Response will be removed with it. If we determine that the review meets our guidelines and will remain on our site, you will have addressed the issue quickly and reassured potential guests.

Encouraging reviews
There are several ways to encourage guests to leave reviews without breaking our guidelines of not offering incentives, or putting undue pressure on your customers. Print out the free fliers from your Management Center to give to guests as they are leaving. You can also include a link to your review form on Tripadvisor in any follow up emails you send them. But don’t encourage guests to leave reviews while still at your property. If you have a computer for guest use, put up a sign asking them not to submit their review whilst still on the premises. Otherwise, our content integrity team may flag the review as suspicious since it originated from your property. You may want to suggest guests write their review while it is still fresh in their mind and email it to themselves. That way, once they get home, they just have to cut and paste it into the review form on TripAdvisor.

Familiarizing yourself with our guidelines
It is worth taking some time to become familiar with TripAdvisor’s guidelines and FAQs. The main ones to look at are:

Getting advice from other owners
Once you have registered as an owner on TripAdvisor you will have access to the Owners’ Forums. These are private forums just for owners and are a good place to go if you have any questions not answered in the FAQs. You can share advice and discuss issues with other owners who may have a different perspective or useful suggestions to offer. While TripAdvisor staff do drop into the forums occasionally, they are primarily a space for Hospitality professionals to interact and help each other. You can familarize yourself with the forum guidelines here.

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Removing reviews from a previous ownership
It is possible to have reviews that date from a previous brand or ownership removed using the ‘Ownership change’ option on the Owners’ Support form. You will need to provide official documentation to prove an ownership change and for a brand change you will need to provide details along with the url of the new brand website.

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You cannot remove reviews from before you undertook a renovation. Instead, we recommend that you post new pictures showing the renovated areas and reply to the earlier reviews explaining that the property has now been updated, giving the date the renovations were completed and flagging the photos so potential guests can see for themselves that improvements have been made.

Installing TripAdvisor widgets on your website
Installing a TripAdvisor widget on your site will allow you to display a live feed of the reviews for your property from your listings page. A widget is a small snippet of code that can be installed within any HTML-based web page. This code brings in ‘live’ content from a third party site without the web site owner having to update it. This code cannot be modified by the web site owner.

Widgets are very easy to implement within your site. Once installed, they are automatically updated with the latest content from TripAdvisor. To get the widget code just go to the ‘Online Marketing tools’ page on your Management Center. Choose which widget you want to install, customise it to your preferences and click on ‘see a preview’ to see what the widget will look like and to get the code which you can then insert into the HTML pages of your site.

Registering on the Management Center
Joining the Management Center will give you access to all TripAdvisor’s free tools and allow you to update your property’s listing and respond to traveler reviews. To join simply claim your property on the Management Center home page. You will need to specify your association with the property and fill in some details then you’ll be ready to go!

Updating your primary photo
Updating your primary photo is easy to do and will keep your listing looking fresh. You may want to update your photo seasonally or to reflect different events and promotions going on throughout the year. See our ‘How to’ Guideon making the most of your photos for more details.

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Boost your direct bookings
You can get your contact details added to your page under the name of your property by subscribing to a Business Listing. This allows customers to contact you directly. It also allows you to create and post Special Offers that appear on your listing and at the top of the local accommodation search page.

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Optimizing your listing
Travelers are 150% more engaged on listings with 20+ photos than on those with only a few photos so make sure that you upload as many photos as possible to your listing and regularly refresh your primary photo. You can also upload videos which will give potential guests a better idea of the services and facilities you provide. You should make sure that your property’s description and amenities list are kept up to date, as well.

Posting videos on your listing
Postings videos to your listing is easy and a great way to let potential guests see all the amenities your property has to offer. As an owner you can add as many videos as you want. However, currently videos can only be added through the English language sites. So, if you usually use TripAdvisor through one of its other language sites and would like to add a video to your listing, go to and log in using your usual username and password, go to the ‘Manage your page’ section in your Management Center and click on ‘Add/update videos’.

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Notification of new reviews
You can sign up to receive new review notification emails. This means that every time a new review is posted for your business you will be alerted to the fact. This allows you to decide quickly which reviews need to be responded to as a priority. To sign up go to the ‘Manage your page’ tab on your Management Center and click on ‘Get notified of guest reviews’.

Raising the visibility of your property
Creating a Special Offer is an effective way of giving your property greater visibility. In addition to being shown on your property’s listing page, your Special Offer will appear in the rotating box at the top of the listings search for your area and it will be listed on the deals page.

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Tracking your Business Listing’s Performance
It is important to track your Business Listing so you can assess how well it is working for you. Ideally you should track each of the elements:

  • Telephone number: You can use a third party phone tracking service that will provide you with toll free and local numbers to help you track incoming calls associated with Business Listings. Alternatively you can set up a dedicated telephone line just for Business Listing and display that number on your listings. If you want to keep it even simpler you can just ask all callers where they got your number and keep a log of which ones came from TripAdvisor. As long as you and your staff are systematic about this it should be easy to keep track of the volume of calls generated by your Business Listing and how many of these convert to bookings.
  • Email Address: You can either set up a dedicated email address for your listing, or alternatively it should be easy to track how many emails come in with the subject line ‘An inquiry from a TripAdvisor user for…’
  • Web address: You can use Google’s free Analytics tool to generate a piece of code to embed on your web page. This will track where traffic is coming from and allow you to see how long each visitor browses your site. Have a look at our ‘How to’ guide for step by step details.
  • Special offers: Link these direct to your booking page so you can track the traffic with google analytics. You can also give each offer a voucher code that needs to be quoted at booking to allow you to track conversions directly.

Uploading your photos
Photos are a really important part of your listing as our data shows that travelers are 150% more engaged on listings with more than 20 photos. So, if you don’t yet have many traveler submitted photos you should aim to add at least 20 management ones showing the amenities, public areas, different rooms, suites, etc. Management submitted photos will appear after all the candid travelers’ photos of your property. No matter how many traveler photos on your listing, it is still well worth uploading more as traveler photos may not cover all areas of your property.

If you have renovated your property recently make sure to note that, and the date of the photo, in your caption. For instance, ‘newly renovated pool area – spring ’11.’ This will let potential guests know that any older photos do not reflect what your property looks like now. For details on how to upload photos read our ‘How To’ guide.

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