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TripAdvisor Connect: 210 Internet booking engines now on board

Momentum continues to build for TripAdvisor Connect! 210 Internet booking engines from 48 countries have signed up as partners. As a result, over 135,000 hotels and B&B’s will have access to the Hotel Price Comparison tool when TripAdvisor Connect launches in Q4 2013.

“The enthusiastic response shows that they realize this will be a powerful new way for their clients to generate incremental bookings,” says Jean-Charles Lacoste, TripAdvisor’s Vice President of Direct Connect Solutions. “We anticipate signing up even more Internet booking engines over the next few weeks and we look forward to enabling so many independent accommodation owners to generate new bookings.”

An Internet booking engine can be certified for TripAdvisor Connect at one of three levels:

  • TripAdvisor Connect will allow the hotels and B&B’s using that engine to bid for TripAdvisor meta search traffic via the platform.
  • TripAdvisor Connect Plus will allow customers to bid for traffic and take advantage of automated review collection services.
  • TripAdvisor Connect Premium offers the same benefits of the Plus level with enhanced tracking abilities. Close to 90% of partners that have signed up are at the Premium level.

To see if your Internet booking engine has signed up as a TripAdvisor Connect partner, and to check its level of certification, please visit

TripBarometer Study: World’s Largest Accommodation and Traveler Survey

Today, TripAdvisor is pleased to announce the results of the world’s largest accommodation and traveler survey¹ – the TripBarometer by TripAdvisor. We couldn’t have done it without feedback from our global community.

This study, conducted on behalf of TripAdvisor by independent research firm StrategyOne, a division of Edelman Berland, will be conducted biannually. It reports top travel and hospitality industry trends, according to more than 35,000 travelers and hoteliers around the world.

Here are key points identified by the study that are relevant to your business:

  • 50% of global travelers expect to increase their 2013 travel spending, while 68% of global hoteliers are optimistic about profitability this year.
  • 96% of hoteliers and 93% of travelers believe reviews have an impact on bookings.
  • 90% of hoteliers will use deals & offers in 2013 to entice guests, with 59% planning to offer free Wi-Fi. This is essential because 80% of travelers say that free in-room Wi-Fi is important and impacts their choices.

Want access to more data from the TripBarometer study? We’ll be sharing more insights in upcoming posts. In the meantime, you can visit for more details.

¹ Methodology: The TripBarometer by TripAdvisor is based upon an online survey conducted in Dec. 2012 – Jan. 2013. A total of 35,042 people participated in the online survey from 26 countries spanning 7 regions. The sample is made up of 15,595 consumers and 19,447 businesses, making it the world’s largest combined accommodation and traveler survey.

An in-depth look at the mid-year Industry Index: Asia-Pacific

The TripAdvisor Industry Index™ mid-year report also included responses from those in Asia-Pacific. Here are some of the key findings for that region:


At 32 percent, Australia topped the list of APAC hoteliers that plan to reduce their rates in the next few months, followed by New Zealand (29%), China (28%), India (27%), Thailand (27%), Indonesia (26%), Malaysia (23%) and Japan (13%).

Profitability and Economic Outlook:

In terms of profitability, properties in Indonesia and India reported to have the best first half of the year in Asia Pacific: 44 percent of Indonesian and 35 percent of Indian properties say they were extremely or very profitable.

There are mixed feelings about the future of the economy in the region. Indonesia is the most optimistic, with 72 percent of hotels with 50+ rooms believing that the economy will improve in the second half of 2012.

Here is the breakdown for the region:


The results of the survey were also mixed when it came to job outlook, as well. Thirty-nine percent of hoteliers from India expect to increase their staff in the next six months, followed by Thailand (31%) and Indonesia (30%). New Zealand (9%) and Australia (8%) had a less optimistic forecast for job openings.

Social Media:

Globally, Malaysian hoteliers are the most engaged with current and potential guests via social media. Indonesia wasn’t far behind, ranking 2nd in the world. Regionally, here is how each country ranked:

Special Offers:

When it comes to the most popular special offers, room discounts are the most popular incentive in the APAC region to attract potential bookers, followed by special amenities (such as free WiFi).

Room Discounts:
Thailand – 61%
Indonesia – 59%
Malaysia – 58%

Special Amenities:
Indonesia – 56%
New Zealand – 50%
Malaysia – 50%


Globally, New Zealand had the highest percentage (93%) of respondents who said they use eco-friendly practices at their property. Indonesia is ranked 5th (83%) in the world, with Australia (80%) and India (80%) rounding out the top ten.

To see more Asia Pacific statistics from the Industry Index, see this full report.

TripAdvisor conducts world’s largest hotel survey on the economy, booking trends, technology and more

TripAdvisor has conducted the world’s largest hotel survey in its biannual Industry Index poll of more than 25,000 hoteliers from around the world. The survey gauged their economic outlook; their plans to engage with guests through online, social, and mobile platforms; and their efforts to implement eco-friendly programs. Here is a sample of the global findings the mid-year survey uncovered:

Business outlook:

Countries with the most positive outlook:

Forty-six percent of global respondents feel that the economy will improve, while 33% believe it will remain unchanged.


  • It is a great time to look for a job in the hotel industry in India, Brazil and Thailand: They were the top three countries for hotel job creation from January-June 2012. The United Kingdom and France were at the bottom of the list.
  • Looking ahead, 64% of hoteliers from around the world plan to keep their staff levels at their current state, while 15% say they plan to add new jobs.

Booking trends

Are you planning to increase or decrease your room rates during the second half of the year? Judging by our survey, inertia seems to play a big role in rate trends:

  • 53% of respondents who decreased their rates to attract more guests from June-August have predicted that they will decrease their rates even further ahead of the Fall travel season.
  • 60% of those who increased their rates from June-August will continue to do so in September and October.

Social Media

According to our survey, property owners realize how important it is to market their business on social media networks:

  • More than two-thirds of the respondents use at least one form of social media to help attract guests, with larger properties (50+ rooms) twice as likely to use social media compared to smaller properties.
  • Most properties (83%) welcome feedback from their guests, and 78% encourage travelers to share their opinion via websites like TripAdvisor.


For a more in-depth look at the findings and how countries compare against one another, please check out our report here.

TripAdvisor’s 2012 Certificate of Excellence Awards honor top businesses around the world

We are excited to announce the 2012 Certificate of Excellence Awards, given to highly rated hotels, restaurants and attractions around the world.

“From exceptional accommodations in Beijing to remarkable restaurants in Boston, we want to applaud these businesses for offering TripAdvisor travelers a great customer experience,” says Christine Petersen, president of TripAdvisor for Business.

How are the winners determined?

The winners are determined by those who matter the most – your guests. The key to winning the award is consistently excellent service: properties had to maintain an overall ranking on TripAdvisor of four out of five. The volume of reviews in the past 12 months was also a determining factor.

Is this award different than the Travelers’ Choice Awards?

Yes. The Certificate of Excellence Award is an extension of Travelers’ Choice. While Travelers’ Choice recognizes the top 25 properties or destinations in different categories and geographical locations, the Certificate of Excellence award focuses on hotels, restaurants and attractions that provide exceptional customer service and consistently receive positive reviews from their guests.

How can I find out if I won a Certificate of Excellence?

In addition to receiving the certificate in the mail, winners will receive an e-mail notifying them that they have won the award. A 2012 Certificate of Excellence widget will also appear in the Management Center under the “Online Marketing tools” section.

Congrats to all of the winners! Check back here tomorrow for tips on how to promote your Certificate of Excellence Award! 

Wyndham Hotel Group to feature TripAdvisor content

The world’s largest hotel company is now teaming up with the world’s largest travel site: TripAdvisor is pleased to announce a new partnership with Wyndham Hotel Group. Thanks to this agreement, TripAdvisor ratings, reviews and opinions will now be displayed on the Wyndham Rewards loyalty program site, making the process of choosing the right hotel easier for Wyndham guests. Within the year, the company plans to expand this agreement to include TripAdvisor content for 11 of its brands. A growing number of travel companies are looking to integrate user-generated content into their business using TripAdvisor. About 400 companies to date have entered into similar agreements in order to feature TripAdvisor content themselves, from hotel chains and Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) to airlines and online travel agencies.

To find out more, see the full press release.

One in Two UK Accommodation Owners/Managers Expect to be More Profitable in 2012

TripAdvisor’s Industry Index 2012 survey results were released today in the UK, U.S., Spain, Italy and France. The Industry Index survey is one of the world’s largest hotel business surveys incorporating responses from more than 9000 accommodation owners and managers from around the world, of which 1,100 were from the UK.

The Index gauges the industry’s outlook for the year ahead. From the survey results, we discovered that:

  • 85% of UK accommodation owners report being profitable in 2011, making the UK the third most profitable region surveyed
  • 50% percent of UK respondents are also optimistic about their businesses’ profitability in 2012, expecting their business to be more profitable this year, as compared to a global average of 58%
  • Only 12% of UK respondents are planning to create new jobs due to the current economy

UK accommodation owners were less optimistic about the general economy with only 19% of respondents believing the economy will improve in 2012, with 65% of respondents stating that concerns about the economy have influenced financial planning for 2012.

In addition, less than 50% of the UK’s hospitality industry plans to engage with travellers using mobile devices in 2012, one of this year’s emerging travel marketing trends, putting them behind the global response of 53%.

“The TripAdvisor Industry Index reveals scepticism among UK accommodation owners. Despite being one of the most profitable regions in 2011, they are cautious with their business plans for 2012 due to concerns over the country’s economic recovery,” said Christine Petersen, president of TripAdvisor for Business.

See the coverage of this on Tnooz, Caterer and Hotelkeeper and MSN Money.

For more data from the TripAdvisor Industry Index, please download the report here.

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