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Internet booking engines – time’s running out

Recently, we told you about TripAdvisor Connect, a new self-service traffic acquisition platform that’s launching in Q4 2013. Just a quick reminder to Internet booking engine representatives – there’s only a few days remaining to sign-up to become a TripAdvisor Connect Premium Launch Partner and take advantage of free publicity as part of our global PR and marketing launch campaign!

TripAdvisor Connect Premium Launch Partners who sign up by July 30th will also be able to:

  • Drive revenue by enabling hotel partners to use TripAdvisor Connect to generate bookings
  • Help properties get more reviews by delivering Review Express services seamlessly
  • Provide ROI tracking analytics to hotels to demonstrate the value of traffic acquired through TripAdvisor

Sign up to be a TripAdvisor Connect Premium Partner by July 30th, to take full advantage of the TripAdvisor Connect launch later this year.

If you’ve signed up, but haven’t reached the TripAdvisor Connect Premium level, don’t let your competitors get an edge on you! Email to learn more about how you can take advantage of everything a TripAdvisor Connect Premium partnership will offer.

Going green…and not looking back

Back in April, the TripAdvisor GreenLeaders program launched. It’s been three months, but you won’t find any moss growing on this initiative. Check out some of the things we’ve accomplished together in the last few months:

Joining the green team: At launch, just over 1,000 properties were enrolled as TripAdvisor GreenLeaders. Today, there are over 2,000 with more applications coming in every day.

Showing off those awards: TripAdvisor GreenLeaders awards are listed on each winner’s property page and on destination hotel search results. Winners can also download TripAdvisor GreenLeaders award widgets for their own websites and receive a framed certificate to display.


Increased exposure: When travelers are researching trips in a particular location, they can now sort by green hotels. To date, over 50,000 travelers have searched for green hotels, which shows the importance of sharing your environmental-conscious practices.

Jenny Rushmore, TripAdvisor’s Director of Responsible Travel, says:

“We’re thrilled with the rapid growth of the TripAdvisor GreenLeaders program since we launched 3 months ago. We now have over 2,000 hotels and B&Bs that are committed to environmentally-friendly practices on the site, and they’re being highlighted to our community of over 200 million visitors a month. We’re looking forward to welcoming even more properties into the program over the next few months, making it even easier for traveler to book their perfect greener trip on TripAdvisor.”

If you’re a TripAdvisor GreenLeaders award winner, give yourself a pat on the back! Haven’t applied yet? If your property is located in the United States, visit to learn more.

Turn website visitors into valuable customers

You want travelers to book a room, dine at your restaurant
or visit your attraction.

You want a website that makes it easy for travelers to find
what they want.

And that means you want to focus on site usability.

So read this interview with our in-house usability expert, Patrick Coyle. In Think Like Your Customers: Site Usability Tips from the Global Creative Director at TripAdvisor, Patrick shares usability insights and tips tailored for you, including:

  • How to get started even without related experience or dedicated staff
  • When to think like your customers (spoiler alert: always)
  • Where to use white space to drive conversion
  • What common mistakes you might be making right now
  • Why you should focus on “show, don’t tell”

With 20 years of interactive design experience, Patrick leads our design team
at TripAdvisor. And after you read his exclusive interview, you’ll have a good
start on leading your own site usability efforts for your accommodation,
attraction or restaurant.


Put TripAdvisor Content to Work on Your Website

Trying to drive more online engagement for your property? The TripAdvisor widget collection is here to help by bringing new content from your TripAdvisor property page to your website or Facebook page automatically. The best part is that the widgets are all free and easy to install!

Widgets are small snippets of code that can be added to any HTML website. They provide a fresh stream of relevant content no matter where guests are researching.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll provide more details on the different categories of TripAdvisor widgets that are available to you. When trying to decide which widgets work best, ask yourself these questions:

1. How does this widget help me meet guest needs?
Website analytics will tell you where guests spend the majority of time on your website. Use widgets to provide supplemental information to guests on those pages. For example, before a guest books she may want to see reviews of your property. To help with this, you can add the widget that displays your most recent ratings and reviews to that page.

2. Where does it fit best?
In a recent interview, TripAdvisor site usability expert Patrick Coyle suggested polling customers to ask what information they need and when they need it. Consider asking friends or guests for their feedback on where traveler reviews or ratings would be most helpful.

3. How much space is there?
White space on a website can help it be more effective. That’s why widgets come in all shapes and sizes. For example, maybe you want to show off your TripAdvisor reviews, but don’t have much space. You can opt for a smaller “Recommended on TripAdvisor” widget that links to your property page.UnionStreetInn

Want to get started? Visit to see the widgets available to you. But before you go, check out our helpful guide on widgets here.

Track your Review Express success in just 5 minutes

Busy Review Express users rejoice! A new dashboard is now available to help you assess the success of your campaigns. You’ll be able to track:

  • Total campaigns sent through Review Express
  • Total individual emails sent, opened and clicked
  • Campaign-level email metrics including sent, bounced, opened and clicked
  • Recent ratings and reviews from your emails

The best part? The dashboard has been designed with the busy hospitality marketer in mind. In five minutes, you can get all of the key metrics you need to analyze and improve your Review Express campaigns.

Don’t believe it? Check out the attached article and get out your stopwatch. (And don’t miss the handy email analytics cheat sheet on page two … in case you have questions about all of the bounces, opens and clicks).

Get creative about promoting your TripAdvisor award

Winning a Traveller’s Choice or Certificate of Excellence award is big news. That’s why we’ve put together 32 New Tips for Promoting Your TripAdvisor Award. Finally!

It’s full of attention-grabbing ways to spread the word, including:

  • Decorate the bottom of your pool with a waterproof decal of your award
  • Feature special menu items or deals priced at 20.13 in honor of winning
  • Add flair to your uniforms or equipment with a sticker of your award

From using your vehicles to promote the award to creating buzz online, this new tip sheet will help you take your marketing to the next level.

How have you been promoting your award so far? Let us know in the comments!


Download your free tip sheet

Coming soon: TripAdvisor Connect

A new way to promote your accommodation on TripAdvisor

In late 2013, TripAdvisor will launch TripAdvisor Connect, an online platform that will give independent hotels and B&B’s of all sizes the ability to participate in meta search pricing display. They will also have access to simple online tools to help analyze advertising results and encourage more user reviews through automated post-stay review collection emails via compatible internet booking engines.

Jean-Charles Lacoste, TripAdvisor’s Vice President of Direct Connect Solutions, explains: “Major online travel agencies and hotel chains have been able to bid for traffic on TripAdvisor for many years and we have provided channels for review collection. Now, TripAdvisor Connect will provide automated and self-managed versions of these services to hundreds of thousands of independent hotels and B&Bs.”

To be eligible to participate, accommodation providers must have an active Business Listings subscription and provide real-time rates and availability along with the ability to book online via a TripAdvisor certified internet booking engine. Confirming that your internet booking engine has been certified will help you get up and running faster when TripAdvisor Connect launches.

For more information about TripAdvisor Connect, accommodation owners should visit the Management Center.

Internet booking engine representatives, sign up now to become a TripAdvisor Connect Premium launch partner and participate in PR and marketing campaigns! Learn more here.

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