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Special Offers front and center in TripAdvisor search results

Already widely visible on TripAdvisor, we’ve now added even more exposure for the offers Business Listing subscribers create for potential customers. Special Offers now have a prominent new spot on our search results page.

Special Offers are highly effective in attracting customers. If you haven’t yet given them a try, take a look at how to set one up. We provide you with templates for a number of popular types of deals, from room upgrades to free breakfast. Or if you prefer, we’ll guide you through creating your own unique offer. Read more

Managing foreign language reviews on your listing

Have you ever received a new review notification email for a foreign language review, but were unable to find the review on your listing page?

Reviews on TripAdvisor are sorted by language first and then by date. So if your default language is set to English, you will see all your English reviews in chronological order followed by foreign language reviews, displayed in alphabetical order by language.  If you want to view reviews in a different order, you can change the default in the dropdown box on your page. Read more

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