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Sorry. But we’ve fixed it.

“I sure do miss those pop-ups,” said no one ever.

As you might have noticed, TripAdvisor has gotten rid of those annoying pop-up windows when travelers compare hotel prices.

Our new Hotel Price Comparison Search, or meta search as some call it, means that real-time pricing and availability from your booking partners show up in one convenient display on your property page.

Our 200 million unique monthly visitors have been pretty vocal with us for years about our prolific pop-ups. And getting rid of them makes it easier for travelers to use TripAdvisor – and visit your property page.

Basically, the streamlined pricing and availability search means a better user experience and easier bookings at your property. There are other benefits for hoteliers, too. Like more opportunities to feature Special Offers on high-traffic pages to grab attention.

To learn more, check out New Pricing and Availability Search on TripAdvisor: What It Means for Your Property and Your Business Listing.

So, yes. We’re sorry about the annoying pop-ups. And we’ll keep improving the site, like with the new Hotel Price Comparison Search, so TripAdvisor gets better and better for you and for travelers.


The new Special Offer Email Redemption option: 3 Top Tips

Today, it’s easier than ever for your customers to redeem your Special Offers! There’s now an email redemption option, which allows potential guests to email you directly to inquire about your offer. It’s just one more way to connect with travelers when they are making booking decisions.

Here are our top tips for using Email Redemption:

–        Make booking easy: Provide your travelers with as many redemption options as possible, including email.

–        Provide a unique address: To see how successful your offer is, use a dedicated address for each offer, then track the emails you receive to each one.

–        Respond promptly: Travelers consider an average of seven properties before booking. To rise above the competition, respond as quickly as possibly to the traveler’s email. Also, include the original inquiry with your response.

Try out the new email redemption option today in the Management Center. Under the Business Listings status window, click the link next to Special Offer. Select “Create a Special Offer” and fill in the details in Step 1. In Step 2, select the email redemption option and provide an email address. Set the dates for the offer then preview and post it.

Not a Business Listings subscriber? See everything you’re missing at And be sure to check out the Mobile Upgrade for Business Listings, which allows you to share your Special Offer with an additional 45 million monthly visitors.

Don’t forget the Email Redemption option when setting up your Special Offer

Hotelier Profile: Adele Gutman, Library Hotel Collection, New York City

Adele Gutman is the Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Revenue for the Library Hotel Collection. The Library Collection’s properties are consistently ranked among the top ten of the 434 hotels on TripAdvisor’s Popularity Index for New York City. We caught up with Adele at the New York City Master Class to get her perspective on what’s changed since she spoke at our first Master Class back in 2010, and what the future holds.  

You were part of the Master Class in New York in 2010. What’s changed in your business since then?

In New York City, a lot of fabulous new hotels have opened since 2010. As a result, we’ve been laser-focused on cultivating a great culture that centers on continuous improvement. We’re always asking ‘How can we be better tomorrow … and the next day?’ The highly vocal TripAdvisor community allows us to bring the voice of the traveler into the board room so that we can make sure our decisions and investments are in harmony with our priority of making guests happy.

How do you think your business will change in the next three years?

We really want to focus on getting direct business through our own website – something every hotel group is thinking about. TripAdvisor is a great way to bring people directly to your website, especially with Business Listings. The site also drives travel demand for New York City and helps it grow. When people share their experiences in our city, it inspires others to travel here. TripAdvisor helps us shift from getting a larger slice of the same size pie to making the pie bigger for everyone.

I am confident that times will change, technology will change, but the trend of customers sharing their experiences with others will not. You cannot put the genie back in the bottle when it comes to user-generated content. It’s a good thing because it makes people braver and more confident when trying independent hotels like ours. We have no marketing budget, but TripAdvisor helps us be seen by people across the world. Travelers can see everything from our photos to our special offers and hear from thousands of previous guests.

Are you using TripAdvisor differently now, three years later? Has it changed?

We first started focusing on TripAdvisor and our reviews in 2004 and we’ve never wavered from that. Now TripAdvisor offers more tools like Special Offers and Announcements. We’re using Special Offers, in particular, to post our best deals to TripAdvisor and encourage guests to book directly. We’re also testing the Mobile Upgrade at some of our properties and we love the Property Dashboard. It shows us how many people have visited our page and searched for our city, how far in advance they’re researching, and more. It really informs our messaging.

Overall, TripAdvisor is far more powerful than it was in the past, giving us some phenomenal traffic and tools. And working with TripAdvisor is much easier now as well. We get responses to inquiries and have any problems rectified very quickly.

How does TripAdvisor help you run your hotels?

We have always listened to our customers. In the past, we asked them about their experiences. TripAdvisor takes this to a new level and enables guests to share details that – as hard as we tried – they would not share with us directly. We believe that we can learn something from each review, even 4 and 5 star reviews show how we can continue to improve in the future.

We take action on each of these suggestions and consider, ‘Can we really do that?’ or ‘We already do that – how could we communicate it better?’ It’s not the guests’ job to communicate with us, it’s our job to let them know that we’re here for them if they want to share with us. TripAdvisor gives us insights into the guest perspective by providing us with constant feedback so we can strengthen our skills and grow our business every day.

Adele Gutman and team with Ollie at TripAdvisor's New York City Master Class

Adele Gutman and team with Ollie at the New York City Master Class

Business Listings’ Mobile Upgrade: Get Your Special Offer to Millions of Travelers On-The-Go

TripAdvisor has announced a Mobile Upgrade for Business Listings, a powerful way to increase your visibility to tens of millions of travelers each month. Today, when you post a Special Offer as part of your Business Listing subscription, travelers planning their trips on their computers will see it. However, 35 million monthly mobile travelers will not. That’s where the Mobile Upgrade comes in! Learn more about why you should incorporate mobile traffic into your marketing strategy – including how a Mobile Upgrade helps – with this quick clip:

If you purchased your Business Listing online, you can sign up for a Mobile Upgrade at If you secured your Business Listing by phone, call 1-866-322-5942 (US, toll-free) or 0-800-098-8460 (UK, toll-free) to learn more and sign up.

Planning for the holidays? Don’t forget your Special Offer!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – now is the time to let your potential guests know why they should book a stay at your property this holiday season! As a Business Listings subscriber, your direct contact information is posted on all of TripAdvisor’s 30 domains. But you can do even more to help increase traffic to your property page by posting a Special Offer. Your Special Offer will be displayed in high visibility placements on our sites, including your geo page and search results within TripAdvisor, as well as a special map view.

Room discounts tend to be the most popular Special Offers, but here are some other seasonable and creative Special Offers that we like :

Ready to create your Special Offer? It’s quick and easy, and you can choose from four customized options: Room Rate, Food & Beverage, Local Offers, and Packages. Once your offer is submitted, it will be live within 24 hours.

To get started, visit your TripAdvisor Management Center.

Want to learn more? Visit our on-demand webinar content on how to post special offers.

And be sure to tune into our next Webinar, Making the Most of Your Business Listings Subscription, on Thursday, December 13th at 11am EST! You can register here.

Get Ready for 2013: New on-demand webinar!

Want to give your property a head start on your competition in the New Year? All you need is 10 minutes to learn about the powerful marketing tools that can help your accommodation reach 60 million* monthly visitors on TripAdvisor and transform more browsers into 2013 bookings.

Watch this free on-demand webinar to learn how to:

• Take advantage of TripAdvisor’s free marketing tools
• Maximize your property’s exposure on the world’s largest travel site
• Increase direct bookings
• Gain access to mobile travelers
• and more…

And good news: this presentation is viewable anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Watch the webinar now!

*Source: ComScore Media Matrix for TripAdvisor site worldwide, July 2012

NEW! Set up your Special Offer in three easy, self-guided steps

Special Offers are a great tool to lure potential guests to book with you and to gain more visibility on TripAdvisor and its 30 different domains. Promote any unsold rooms, offer discounted amenities or offer a package deal that will make your guests’ trip one to remember!

In an effort to help you create more effective Special Offers, we have updated the creation process.

The self-guided process is divided into three different steps:
1) Choose your Special Offer
2) Fill in any details specific to that Special Offer
3) Review/Post your Special Offer

To learn more about the new Special Offer set-up process, see this guide. It also includes a checklist that you can compare your Special Offer against to make sure you are optimizing its potential.

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