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Jaipur hotel on what brings guests through the door: “TripAdvisor, TripAdvisor, TripAdvisor”

When Pradip and Angelique Singh opened the Royal Heritage Haveli, they had no idea how important TripAdvisor would be.  Three years later, their hotel is ranked #2 in Jaipur and has won a prestigious Travelers’ Choice Hotel award. Most importantly, TripAdvisor brings the majority of their guests through the door – Angelique says they don’t market their property in any way, relying instead on the stellar TripAdvisor reviews and word of mouth to do it for them.  Hear from the Singhs how they have built their business through TripAdvisor:

Indian property “growing day by day” with TripAdvisor presence

The Singh family owns two small properties in Jaipur, India – one with 25 rooms, and one with just 10.  They’ve found big success on TripAdvisor with both, though, earning Travellers’ Choice Hotels for each location in 2013.  Through their exposure on the site, their business has also steadily grown.  Hear how they’ve parlayed their TripAdvisor presence into industry success:

Top Tips for Review Express Success

We recently launched a shiny new tool to help you collect feedback from past guests. With Review Express, you can create review reminder emails in just minutes – and it’s free to use!

This post includes some of our favorite tips for powering up your Review Express strategy. Try them out today:

–        Ask for guest email addresses: Avoid sending email to the wrong place by keeping your records up to date and accurate.

–        Send emails regularly: Ask guests for their feedback within a few days – while your amazing service is fresh in their minds.

–        Set expectations: Let guests know you’ll be sending an email to collect their feedback, and that you would really value their input.

–        Test, test, test: Try something new each time you use Review Express: a different subject line, image, or “from” address could change your results.

Can’t get enough? Check out all ten tips.

Visit to use these tips or check out our handy step-by-step video guide to learn more.


Australian B&B finds TripAdvisor “Levels the playing field”

Kerrin Cridland and her husband own a bed and breakfast in Stanthorpe that has thrived on TripAdvisor, with 114 out of 119 five-star reviews and multiple Travelers’ Choice awards.  The couple works hard to make the most of the site, believing that it gives small properties like theirs visibility, credibility, and a chance to compete against the big hotels.  Hear Kerrin explain how Diamondvale B&B Cottages has built their success with guests and online:

What our new mobile app means for your property

We recently redesigned our mobile app for all major platforms and mobile web. That’s not just exciting for us and useful for travelers. It also means good things for you! Here are five reasons why:

1. It’s easier to support your neighborhood (and help yourself).
Now mobile users can add a hotel, restaurant or attraction not yet listed on TripAdvisor. How does that help you? The more delicious or fun things that show up near you on TripAdvisor, the more exciting your immediate area looks to travelers. And that can mean more potential guests for you. It’s additional appeal by association. You can even add some nearby points of interest yourself to get things started.

2. You have a new way to engage and delight your guests.
With our app’s ability to reveal and suggest nearby activities, it’s like adding a mobile concierge that supplements your own personal knowledge. So suggest the TripAdvisor mobile app to guests when they arrive or ask a question about the neighborhood. Like a local map you provide during check-in, the TripAdvisor app is another useful tool for guests to make the most of their stay. Plus, the more travelers who add and review nearby restaurants and attractions, the better your property looks (see above).

3. Now there’s a speedier way to sing your praises.
A more refined interface and new features means it’s even easier and faster for travelers to write reviews. So when they’re impressed by a great room, delicious food or memorable service, they can let everyone know on the spot.

4. You can turn your hotel into a video star.
They say the camera adds 10 pounds (or 4.5 kilos), so it’s good to bulk up your listing page with videos of your property. Travelers browsing TripAdvisor love watching videos, so it’s great news that our redesigned app makes it easy for people to view and share videos of a hotel room, restaurant or attraction. So make sure your listing page is up to date and your property looks its best!

5. Get even more impact with Mobile Upgrade.
Our already popular mobile app is even better now, so you can bet on even more travelers using it to plan trips and discover on the go. And if you’re a hotel and want to grab attention with a special offer, you’ll want Mobile Upgrade for your Business Listings subscription!

About our app:
With nearly 36 million downloads to date, the TripAdvisor mobile app has already helped millions of travelers plan and have the perfect trip. The free app is available in 20 languages on all major mobile platforms. To download the redesigned app, please visit the iTunes App Store or Google Play.


Review Express makes requesting feedback easier than ever

Over 90% of both hoteliers and travelers say that reviews impact booking decisions. That’s one reason why you should take advantage of Review Express – an easy way to remind guests to submit reviews. The best part? The email tool is free and takes just a few minutes to set up.

If you’ve used Review Express in the past – or haven’t used it at all – it’s a great time to come take another look! You can now add images to the template, resulting in more customized emails for your guests. You can also save any emails you create and use them again in the future. These new features, plus a streamlined set-up process, make requesting feedback faster and more effective than ever.

Check out this quick video for step-by-step instructions for the new Review Express:

Get started with Review Express at today!

UK restaurant: “Every TripAdvisor customer is a Michelin inspector”

When Whit’s restaurant in Kensington opened nearly nine years ago, owners Eva and Steve Barkasz had to literally take to their small side street to attract customers.  Now, thanks largely to the internet, Whit’s has a worldwide audience and steady business.  Hear Eva and Steve explain how they thrive on the real-time nature of online customer feedback, recognizing that “you’re only as good as your last meal:”

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